Mansa Capital

Welcome to Mansa Capital

Mansa Capital is a healthcare private equity investment firm specializing in growth companies in the healthcare services and healthcare technology sectors. Mansa focuses on companies as they prepare for expansion, acquisition, privatization or IPO. We integrate strong expertise in healthcare policy, regulation, and reimbursement with vast experience in healthcare operations, marketing, finance, and care management. Mansa makes equity investments in operating companies with enterprise values up to $150 million. Mansa's principals have more then 70 years of combined healthcare experience and have realized gains of $360 million through 10 monetized investments. The firm is headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional locations in New York, NY, Dallas, TX, and Miami, FL.


At Mansa our mission is to produce superior investment returns. To accomplish this objective, we follow two fundamental principles:

  • Maintaining sharp focus on the evolving clinical, demographic, technological, and policy trends which shape opportunities in the health care sector
  • Pursuing a value-added approach to investing


To become the premier investor in early-stage growth health care companies by partnering with management and upholding the highest standards of integrity and trust.

Welcome to Mansa Capital